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Raid Hour Announced, Triple Stardust Live, 0.151.0 Forced

Following on the yesterday’s new experimental daily news format, we’re continuing the tradition. Let’s see what’s new in Pokemon GO today:

Reminder: the Gifts event 🎁🎁🎁 is still active and lasts until August 19, 2019 1 PM PDT. The number of gifts you can open daily is temporarily increased to 30 and you can have 20 gifts in your inventory!

Useful charts and images for today

Couple of Gaming’s excellent stardust gain chart for the event, titled “How to become a Stardust Millionaire” is a must have for Blanche’s Stardust week. Download it, use it, share it. Give them some love on Instagram and Twitter.

Stardust Gain InfographicStardust Gain Infographic by Couple of Gaming

Odds to get a shiny Rayquaza are the same as for every other legendary, but folks think for some reason it’s different. Well, it’s not, and here’s a full chart that showcases the chance to get it with respect to various number of raids:

Raid Hour Announced, Triple Stardust Live, 0.151.0 Forced

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