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Costume Pokémon

Costume Pokémon – what exactly does that mean? Well in the case of Pokémon Go this means a Pokémon that is wearing some sort of accessory giving it a slightly different visual appearance. In contrast to different Pokémon Forms, Costume Pokémon don’t receive any stat changes from the added accessory.

Over the history of Pokémon Go, there have been numerous events featuring Costumed Pokémon. Below is a running list of these Pokémon.

PRO TIP: The in-game search tool allows the use of ‘costume’ to return all Costumed Pokémon in your box.


GO Fest Yokohama/Pikachu Outbreak 2019

GO Fest Yokohama/Pikachu Outbreak will be bringing back several costumed Pikachu over the event duration! Be sure to get out there and snag them while you can!!

Per the official Tweet:

Surprise, Trainers! We’ve invited some familiar guests to Yokohama for our last Pokémon GO Fest this year! From August 6 at 10 a.m. JST to August 12 at 5 p.m. JST, Pikachu will be appearing globally, wearing a different hat each day!

Pikachu Outbreak Yokohamaby OrangeHeart2018

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