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Box Analysis – Rayquaza Month

It’s no surprise that the majority is preparing to hunt for shiny Rayquaza in raids for the next month. Can you blame them? That ultra sleek Legendary is definitely easy on the eyes!

While these boxes aren’t the best we’ve ever seen, the Ultra Box is definitely a sure bet in getting Raid Passes unless you want to wait for the possible event box that comes with Suicune Day later in August. Let’s take a look at our box analysis and what this round of boxes has to offer to us.

Box Analysis

As we can see, the Ultra Box is the box for RayRay All Day! Stay away from the Great and Special boxes with the intent for Raid Passes; instead you can buy the Raid Passes individually from the shop for 100 coins apiece. The Ultra Box pays its way in coins, seeing as using 1480 coins would only get you 14 passes, or even 1500 coins for 15 passes, the 17 in the box is like a +2 free bundle. That alone makes the box worth it for raiders.

For the analysis, Max Potions have been priced using their shop bulk price making them worth 20 apiece. As always, to give a better % savings deal, Incense and Lucky Eggs were priced using their mid-range bulk price, making them worth 63 apiece.

Adventure Box

This box seems to be a direct downgrade from the previous box, offering less Super Incubators in place of more Regular Incubators. This is not the end of the world, however, seeing as this month’s Community Day, happening on August 3rd, is a 1/4th reduced hatch distance, making even those normal incubators worth something. If you have plenty of Raid Passes and are looking for some more Incubators, this is still the box for you.

In-game Shop Boxes for Rayquaza graphic by OrangeHeart

Rayquaza Box Analysis: Good Sale for the Shiny Rayquaza Hunt

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