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Legendary Raid Day: Raikou Shiny Rates

Trainers, a perfect storm is here. Now is the time to claim your final reward for achieving Spark’s Challenge during Chicago Go-Fest! Raikou Raid Day is upon us, and many trainers are rising to the challenge. The Thunder Pokémon Raikou will be available to challenge in raids for a total of three hours from 4 PM- 7PM local time on June 29th. Lucky Trainers may even encounter a Shiny Raikou. The Silph Research Group is recording data to deduce the probability of encountering one of these orange and gold embodiments of the speed of lightning! Enjoy!

6/29/2019 17:00 UTC Update

Raid day is currently taking place in Europe as we speak! Researchers have already collected data on 313 Raikou, and were able to encounter 26 shinies in those total raids. Using these numbers we are able to determine that Raikou has a shiny rate of approximately:
1 in 10 (99% CI of 1 in 8 – 1 in 20)

This data concludes they are using the same rates that they have used for past Raid Days, but we will make sure of that with the North American Raid Days happening in a few hours! Stay Tuned for our final update. Thanks!

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