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Cresselia Counters in the Great League

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Cresselia is a powerful contender in Great League PvP. Its high Defense and Stamina stats allow it to take significant damage. Although the minimum CP for Raid obtained Cresselia is 1555, trading can bring Cresselia‘s CP down to 1419, allowing it to just squeeze under the Great Leauge threshold.

Having only three weaknesses, there are a limited number of counters. Both Ghost and Bug deal increased damage, but take neutral damage; while Dark both deals increased damage and double resists Psychic moves. Cresselia, however, has a trick up its sleeve – Moonblast.

Moonblast is the strongest Fairy Charge Move in PvP, plus Fairy moves deal increased damage to Dark Pokémon. Therefore, the key is to use Steel or Fire Pokémon, as counters, especially if they have dark moves.

Pokemon GO CresseliaCresseliaPsychic
Effective Stats at Level 20 (IV 2/15/13)
ATK 152 DEF 258 HP 260
Weak to Strong against
Ghost Dark Bug Fighting Psychic
Best PvP move set for Cresselia
Psycho Cut Psychic Futuresight Psychic Moonblast Fairy
Super Effective versus
Poison Fighting Poison Fighting Fighting Dragon Dark
Move Stats
  • Power 9
  • Energy 3
  • Duration 1
  • DPT 9
  • EPT 3
  • Power 120
  • Energy 65
  • DPE 1.85
  • Power 130
  • Energy 70
  • DPE 1.86
  • Dust cost 100000
  • Candy cost 100

Cresselia Counters in the Great League

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