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Arcanine Raid Guide

Arcanine is a Tier 3 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon GO (19534 Combat Power). The best counters are strong Water and Rock-types such as Kyogre, Rampardos, Rhyperior, and Palkia. Arcanine is weak to Ground, Rock, and Water moves.

The following CP values are possible when caught in a post-raid encounter:

  • 1652 – 1731 CP for a regular Level 20 encounter
  • 2066 – 2164 CP for a Sunny weather boosted encounter (Level 25)

Base Stats

  • Attack: 227
  • Defense: 166
  • Stamina: 207
  • Max CP: 3029

Raid Guide

Arcanine is a easy tier 3 solo with the proper Rock, Water, and Ground counters. Beyond that, nearly any players can see success in groups of 2 or more.

*Italics indicates Legacy.


Arcanine has access to the following moves:

  • Fast Moves: Snarl Dark and Fire Fang Fire
  • Charge Moves: Wild Charge Electric, Fire Blast Fire, Crunch Dark

Weather Effects

Weather Pro Con
Sunny Allows a level 25 encounter from weather boost and Boosts Ground attackers Boosts Fire Blast Fire
Partly Cloudy Boosts Rock attackers
Rainy Boosts Water attackers Boosts Wild Charge Electric
Fog Boosts Crunch Dark

Arcanine Raid Guide

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